Choosing the Best Water Cooler Types for Home & Office Use

In that time of need, in that thirsty moment when you just walked out of the conference room after a long meeting or that first-morning coffee sip you needed to get your day started, that’s when the water cooler comes in handy. Comfortability, flexibility, and convenience are in one machine. Without the slightest effort on your part, a water cooler can make your hot coffee, pour chilled water, and prepare easy-to-cook foods. Overall, it makes our everyday life easier and can be used both for home and office areas, where we spend most of the day.

Let’s pause a bit before you decide to purchase one. Preview what precisely a water cooler and its best features are.

What is a water booler?

Water coolers can chill or heat water for instant coffee, tea, and meals. It provides a cost-effective and reliable water delivery system. Most water coolers are dispensed instantly.

How does it work? Depending on the settings, a water cooler connects to an electrical outlet to provide cold and hot water. It has two taps, one for hot water and the other for cold water to use necessarily.

Water coolers come with a variety of unique features to benefit from:

Some water coolers have self-cleaning systems, so you don’t have to clean them regularly.

Purification – Some systems include a filtration kit or reverse osmosis filtration system to remove small particles, sediment, lead, and chlorine from the tap water line.

Child-safety lock – Child-lock devices are available on some models, allowing you to keep your kids safe from hot water burns.

Conversion kits – Converting bottle dispensing units to a point-of-use (bottle-less) system is an option. Consider a model with this option if you want to have greater flexibility in the future.

Other than functionally, water coolers have an eye-catching design that adds to the aesthetics of modern offices and houses.

Botleless coolers reduce imports and contaminants from drinking water and only provide water on demand.

Types of Water Coolers

There are an array of bottled water coolers. From hot and cold counter-top settings to floor standing room temperature and cold machines to choose from. While bottled water coolers are highly popular today and many homes are using these affordable products, in the workplace, a plumbed-in water cooler may be the ideal choice. Knowing which suits your needs and budget, save your time and energy.

Bottled type coolers Where there is no access to the main water supply, or you need a temporary solution in your workplace, bottled water coolers offer a convenient supply of naturally sourced water. That does not require the usage of a mains water supply.

Storage type coolers – Includes, but is not limited to, point-of-use, dry storage compartment, and bottled water coolers where thermally conditioned water is held in a tank and is ready instantly.

Countertop water coolers – Delivers filtered water without taking up a lot of space, making them ideal for households, small workplaces, and reception areas. Countertop water coolers are available in various styles to meet your hydration needs, whether you need hot or cold water.

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Plumbed-in water coolers –  Known as mains fed water coolers. They are a great addition to any business setting. Mains water coolers are a less expensive option than bottled water and they come in various sizes.

Instant hot water type Quick hot water dispensers come in various sizes. Whether you want lukewarm or boiling water, the water temperature can be changed to your preference for hot beverages on the move.

Pressure type – Water is pumped under pressure into this type of cooler. The city water enters the cooler from the back and is immediately chilled in a pre-cooler. After that, the pre-cooled water is sent to the storage chamber, where the refrigerant absorbs heat from the water.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you have a water cooler, you’ll need to clean it regularly. Especially for business premises where water coolers and water dispensers are located, office hygiene procedures should be reviewed. All communal areas should be cleaned regularly with checks and monitoring in place.

Cleaning these high-touch areas regularly will help keep infections at bay. It simply takes a minute to keep the machine sanitized. For water coolers with taps, a simple antibacterial wipe or sanitization fluid would eliminate any bacterial contamination. Some countertop water dispensers have self-sterilization functions so that you do not even need to clean them yourself.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Water Coolers/Water Dispensers. What To Look For?

Capacity –  The first thing you need to consider is the capacity of the water dispensers and coolers. Products with high-end features and specs tend to be more expensive than basic models.

Price – You will also find mid-range products that offer more features than a basic model. It is important to evaluate the cost of servicing and maintenance fees, as these can add up in the long run.

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Eco-friendly (less power consumption) – Choose an energy-efficient machine, like any other form of equipment. While it may be tempting to save a little money by purchasing an older model, could prove to be an expensive mistake in the long term. There are a variety of energy-efficient solutions available, including dual thermostats and separate distribution systems to reduce energy consumption; and a compressor that uses less electricity while providing good water cooling abilities.

Water Temperature – There is no standard temperature for drinking. Depending on the technology, the temperature of drinking water varies from one brand to the next. A water cooler with a bottom storage space is more likely to provide cooler water than one with top storage space. Before buying a water dispenser, ensure it meets your preferred temperature needs.

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism – Don’t forget to look at the drainage mechanism and cleaning alternatives when shopping for a water dispenser. Water dispensers must be cleaned regularly to function correctly to keep the area dry. The water dispenser should be simple to maintain so that you can properly care for it.

Are you looking to invest in convenience and safety? Located in Singapore? Then consider getting a water cooler or water dispenser for your comfort.

Although Singapore’s water is relatively safe to drink, water pipes can rust over time, making tap water dangerous to drink directly. As a result, having a water dispenser can add an extra layer of protection for your employees and family. You will no longer have to boil your water or wait for ice cubes if you have water dispensers in Singapore because many give fast, hot, and cold water. In addition, installing and maintaining water dispensers are painless and straightforward in Singapore. Most vendors will deliver and install your household water dispenser when you order.

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