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How To Keep Your Family Healthy at Home

Making your home a safe and healthy place to live in is the first step to providing your family with agood life. When combined with healthy living habits and a thorough cleaning routine, a clean,uncluttered, and healthy environment helps to reduce distractions, improve attention, lower stresslevels, and contribute to a positive outlook on life. Besides […]

Why You Should Use a Water Dispenser

Even though Singapore has highly potable water, why are water dispensers so popularly seen in homes and offices? It’s not just about the hype that surrounds the water dispenser, there is more to it than that.  Water In Its Purest Form Singapore’s Newater technology is quite well-known and has been highly praised for improving the […]

3 Steps DIY Filter Replacement Process 

The filter replacement process is an important factor for you to consider when making a decision on a water dispenser. The simple design of the Cosmo Quantum allows you to replace the dirty filters easily on your own in 5 seconds.  1. Ordering The Filter With just a simple click of the button, the filter […]

What To Look Out For When Choosing a Water Dispenser

In Singapore’s water dispenser/purifier market there are many products from all over the world with different features. With more brands launching in Singapore, these are the recommended things to look out for before making a decision. 1. Tank VS Tankless There are two types of water dispensers. One with a tank and one that is tankless. […]

Choosing the Best Water Cooler Types for Home & Office Use

In that time of need, in that thirsty moment when you just walked out of the conference room after a long meeting or that first-morning coffee sip you needed to get your day started, that’s when the water cooler comes in handy. Comfortability, flexibility, and convenience are in one machine. Without the slightest effort on […]

Complete Guide to Water Purifiers in Singapore

You might not know, but Singapore’s water standards are pretty high if we see it on a global scale. Yet, it’s important to be on the safer side by using a water purifier and putting all the possible safety measures in place. You must be concerned about drinking good quality water. Whether the tap water […]