How To Keep Your Family Healthy at Home

Making your home a safe and healthy place to live in is the first step to providing your family with a
good life. When combined with healthy living habits and a thorough cleaning routine, a clean,
uncluttered, and healthy environment helps to reduce distractions, improve attention, lower stress
levels, and contribute to a positive outlook on life. Besides regular cleaning, what are some things
you can do to create a healthier living environment?

1. Choose Hypoallergenic Materials

Pollutants, bacteria, and germs can easily become trapped in your furniture and even your
walls. To avoid pollutants from triggering allergies, choose non-porous hypoallergenic
materials such as sintered stone, vinyl, and tiles that do not allow pollutants to penetrate
your home’s surfaces.

The first step toward creating a healthier home environment is to furnish your home with
safe materials – safe and non-toxic flooring solutions are available from companies like
Floorrich, which are not only safe for your family but also for the environment.

2. Minimise Clutter

When clutter accumulates, it can lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust, making the home
appear cluttered and dirty, as well as causing health issues for those who live there.
Furthermore, they are a safety hazard, as they have the potential to spark fires or injure your
family. Decluttering allows you to create more room in your home, freeing up space for a
better home interior appearance, while also keeping your family safe and healthy.

3. Install Water Purifiers

Staying hydrated is crucial for various reasons related to our overall health, including
regulating our body temperature, keeping joints lubricated for ease of movement, preventing
infections, delivering nutrients to our cells, keeping organs functioning properly, and allowing
our body to easily expel toxins. It also aids in the improvement of sleep quality, cognitive
function, and mood.

However, hydrating yourself with unhealthy drinks or contaminated water will not keep your
body healthy. Most of us do not realize that our water pipes and faucets have a lot of germs due to rust and lack of maintenance. Boiling water helps get rid of most of these germs, but this takes time and effort.

Consider installing a water dispenser with purifying features in your home to ensure that
your family is always drinking clean water. The Cosmo Quantum water dispenser filters water
using a 6-step water purification care process and instantly produces 4 different water temperatures to suit your liking.

4. Decorate With Things That Make You Happy

The items you have in your home reflect your personality and may improve your quality of
life. Consider the difference between a bare room full of filthy laundry and a room packed
with all of your favourite items, photos, and keepsakes – photographs of your family,
handwritten notes from loved ones, and thoughtful presents from some of your dearest
friends elicit positive emotions in you and remind you every day of the love you receive from
those around you.

When you’re surrounded by things that make you happy, you’ll feel good, which can lead to a
healthy lifestyle. Being joyful can help you manage stress, strengthen your immune system,
protect your heart, reduce pain, and even increase your life expectancy.

5. Avoid Items Containing Harmful Substances

Harmful substances, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), contain a variety of
chemicals that can cause short- and long-term health problems if exposed to them for
prolonged periods of time. They can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, as well as
respiratory issues, nausea, and harm to the central nervous system and other organs. Some
VOCs have even been linked to cancer.

Some of the common household products that emit VOCs include nail polish remover
containing acetone, glue and paint containing benzene, burning candles, chlorinated tap
water, dishwashing soap, detergents, and more.

To avoid introducing more VOCs to your home, look for benzene-free, acetone-free,
chemical-free and fragrance-free products. If your family drinks tap water, you may wish to
switch to drinking water from a water purifier.

A healthy lifestyle begins at home, and there are numerous ways to ensure that your home provides
a healthy environment for you and your family. We hope that the pointers have given you a better
understanding of what has to be done to make your home a safer place to live.

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