Welcome to Cosmo Water Dispenser Pte Ltd website terms and policies. Please read through them carefully before placing your order. By using this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by the terms and policies set out below. Before placing an order, if you have any queries relating to these terms and policies, please email us at [email protected]. We may change our terms and policies from time to time without a public notice to you. Changes will apply to any subsequent orders received, once your order has been confirmed, we will not be able to make any changes.

30 Days Trial

Please note that the 30 Days Trial Policy applies to the Cosmo Water Dispenser only which starts from the date that the installation is complete.

If within the first 30 days of receiving and installation of your new Cosmo product you are not completely satisfied for any reason- you may return it for a full refund by writing to us at [email protected] by indicating your order number and reason for return.

If you buy multiple quantities of a single product, you are eligible to return only ONE of that product for refund within the trial period. 

If you opted for the return within the 30 days trial period, the uninstallation service will be provided by Cosmo. In the event that the user chooses to uninstall by themselves or by any other parties, your request will not be granted.

Cosmo cannot handle international shipping and logistics expenses, your water dispenser must be in Singapore at the time you wish to take advantage of the 30 days Trial Policy.

Once we have collected it and assessed the product to our satisfaction, your total payment to Cosmo Water Dispenser Pte Ltd will be refunded.

  • The 30 Days Trial starts from the date that you receive your product and once the installation is complete. This is applicable to both in stock products and preorders.

  • To complete your return request, we require an invoice or proof of purchase and for you to be available for the scheduled pickup time.

  • Your pick up address must be the same as the installation address.

  • If you are not reachable or do not respond to our attempts to contact you with regards to your return request after the 30 Days Trial period, you are no longer eligible for a return.

  • The 30 Days Trial is limited to one product per household and cannot be used to exchange for another design or product.

  • If the product has been damaged or scratched, you will not be granted a return or refund. The returned product must be in good condition as failing this, Cosmo will charge $100 onwards depending on the extent of the damages as a compensation fee (repair purposes) which will be deducted from the refund amount.

We will refund your money after we have received the product back at one of our warehouses. The refund will be sent back to the card or the account that you have used to purchase it.

Deposit Payment & Full Payment

All payments must be made through the website and we accept payments via either full payment or deposit payment.

If payment is made via deposit, the balance payment (2nd payment) will be deducted directly from the original payment mode (1st payment) after the installation is done.

In the event that Cosmo has tried to deduct the balance payment (2nd payment) but failed, you will be contacted by our team and be provided with an alternative payment mode and the payment must be done within 1 week after the installation is done.

Cancellation and Changes to Order 

Under no conditions that the customer can request for refunds once the purchase has passed the 30 Days Trial period.

Additional charges might occur upon installation day depending on the original purchaser’s aesthetic preference/ preferred installation way which will be advised further by our installers partner.
Dissatisfaction with the Cosmo products about to be installed or the installation process may be stated before installation begins as some drilling might be needed for either practical or aesthetic purposes. Once the installation is complete and the original purchaser is not satisfied with the installation process, Cosmo will not be liable to any changes that occur due to the installation process. 

Cosmo reserves the right to cancel any order by giving advance notice. A full refund will be provided in such cases.


Installation & Onsite Assistance 

All products will be entitled to a FREE FIRST TIME installation service. In the event if after the installation is done, there is a need for an onsite visit due to a suspected defective issue, COSMO will be able to arrange for an onsite visit with fees as per following terms:

Onsite visit assessment and no issue found with the product- $30 onwards.

Onsite visit assessment and found the product has been damaged/ negligence/ misuse/ accident or has been used in a manner incompatible with that intended design was done by user- $50 onwards.

Incorrect address and not informing COSMO on the installation date changes beforehand (at least 3 days in advance) and our installer fails to complete the installation- $50.

If existing customers are looking to relocate their water dispenser, Cosmo is able to provide the service with an additional service fee depending on the location.

In the event that customers were to relocate their water dispenser on their own by using other contractors or themselves and failed to inform Cosmo of the matter which includes the new address, warranty will be voided.

If re-location is required, customers will need to contact Cosmo for enquiries as we do provide relocation and installation services.

COSMO has the right to NOT proceed with the installation if the following terms are met:

In the event that our installers partner were to visit the original purchaser’s house and it is still under renovation condition (e.g counter top/ power point/ water point are not up and ready) which leads to failure to proceed with installation service and COSMO is not informed on the matter earlier- $50.

In the event that our installers partner were to visit the original purchaser’s house and the purchaser is not present during the scheduled date thus leads to failure to proceed with installation service- $50.

If the original purchaser insists to proceed with the installation despite as per terms above, warranty will be voided.

Under no conditions will Cosmo reinstate a drilled hole after removing our water dispenser upon request or reinstall a previously installed water dispenser once installation of the new water dispenser has begun. Similarly, there will be no replacement of the countertop/ cabinet or any other that relates to the installation process once the installation of the water dispenser has begun, unless Cosmo sees the need to do so.

Cosmo will not reinstate any drilled holes after removing our water dispenser upon request under certain circumstances.

All consumers must follow the instructions of installers partner after installation (i.e. No touching the water valve or the tubing after completion). In the event where advice is not heeded, and damages are made to the water dispenser, there will be a penalty of $100 onwards depending on the serverity for fixing the damages.

1 Year Warranty Conditions

We stand behind our Cosmo products and offer a 1 year Warranty to prove it. The terms of the Limited Warranty are as follows:

Your new water dispenser is covered by a 1-year limited warranty which gives you specific legal rights. This Limited Warranty is not transferable and covers your purchase only if you:

– Are the original purchaser and current owner of the Product for which you are seeking recourse under the Warranty.

– Purchased it directly from an authorised COSMO distribution channel – namely, the website at WATERDISPENSER.COM.SG (including purchases made while visiting Cosmo showroom).

– Have subjected the water dispenser exclusively to household (commercial provided it is installed by us) use. The Limited Warranty thus only applies during the period in which the Product is owned and controlled by the original purchaser of that Product. Please retain an electronic copy of your purchase invoice which will be sent via email, which will contain the information with regards to your purchase. Kindly quote the order number and provide a short video to our team so that we may better assist with any issues with your purchase.

12 months warranty for LED light and display

In addition, because we cannot handle international shipping and logistics expenses, your water dispenser must be in Singapore at the time you wish to take advantage of the Limited Warranty.

This Warranty is limited to material defects resulting from defective materials or workmanship in the product you have purchased. Cosmo will, for 1 year following the date of the installation is done and once after the full payment has been made, at Cosmo’s option in its sole discretion, repair or replace, or provide a substitute for, any piece or part of the Product found by Cosmo to be defective in material or workmanship. The Limited Warranty applies under conditions of normal household or commercial use (provided it is installed by us), but does not apply in the case of: negligence, soiling, improper cleaning, misuse which inclusive of removing the touch panel by either accidental or purposefully, abnormal use, ordinary wear and tear, dings, dents or scratches, accident.


If the product or equipment fails to meet the expected amortization performance within the warranty period, we will compensate you based on the remaining duration of the warranty. The compensation will be in the form of repair or replacement, as determined by us.


This Limited Warranty for your new water dispenser lasts for one (1) year from the date the installation has been completed and the full payment has been made. 


This Limited Warranty does not cover:

– Changes to your water dispenser that are caused by or result from normal wear and use. Nor do we cover commercial use (unless it is installed by Cosmo), or changes caused by or resulting from circumstances or uses that go beyond the ordinary, intended maintenance and household uses of a water dispenser—namely, dispensing water.

– Cosmo water dispensers are designed to work on a firm, solid surface that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the water dispenser, such as on a wooden countertop (e.g. wooden countertop with thickness between approximately 15mm to 55mm). This Warranty does not cover your Product if you use it in a manner incompatible with that intended design and use.

– Imperfections that do not prevent ordinary use and enjoyment of the Product by a reasonable person are not considered to be defects. For example, surfaces may not be perfectly even, imperfection touch panels or imperfections on the outer surface of the product and corners may not be perfectly shaped or symmetrical. These are not “defects” for which is not under this Limited Warranty.

– More specifically, this Limited Warranty excludes: (a) minor imperfections and slight cosmetic flaws; (b) normal wear and tear; (c) stains, soiling, burns, and discoloration that occur over time; (d) dampness; (e) individual or personalised preferences relating to users are not used to the the water taste, texture, comfort, cutting the power plug or/ and made an amendment(s) to the product as user has specific preference aesthetically etc.; – in other words, some non-preferred product functions, specifications of the water dispenser should be expected and is not considered a “defect”); (f) individual or personalised sensitivities.

– Conditions resulting from abusive handling, misuse,neglect or making amendment(s) to the product. Accordingly, the following circumstances, if discovered upon inspection, will void your Warranty: (a) any unsanitary condition; (b) stains, burns, tears, cuts, or liquid damage; (c)damaging the product by replacing the filters with filters from other sources; (d) physically abusing the Product; (e) attempting to clean the Product in an inappropriate manner; and (f) commercial use (except installed by Cosmo); (g)installing the filters by improper manner which results to damage; and (h) purchase from resellers who are not authorised retailers

– Individual specifications preferences relating to product functions, mechanism, design, materials, taste and feel.


Warranty will be registered automatically for full paying customers.

In the event that the product has issue, the original purchaser MUST reach out to Cosmo team directly with a short video and include order number at [email protected] 


In the event any Cosmo products are received in a defective condition, customers may request for an exchange or refund via our email at [email protected] within 3 hours from the time that the installation has been completed. We will require image proof of the defected part and a full photo of the product within the image frame.


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