Cosmo Quantum vs Livingcare Jewel: Which Water Dispenser Is Better?

A good water dispenser is a smart investment for any household. It’s not just about convenience – modern water dispensers come with various filtration and safety features that can contribute positively to the health of all family members. With so many options on the market, it can take some time to find the ideal match for your needs. Cosmo and Livingcare are among the most renowned brands on the market, and they both have a pretty solid offer with Quantum and Jewel, respectively.

ModelCosmo QuantumLivingcare Jewel
Filter price$159$240
Different temperature settings
UV sterilization
Tankless purifier interior
Filter change indicator
Purification system6 steps4 steps
Weight11.5 kg5.8 kg

Cosmo Quantum vs Livingcare Jewel

Cosmo Overview

Image credit: Cosmo

Cosmo is a brand that’s all about quality. Its German-engineered products are designed to offer a good balance between features and durability. Cosmo Quantum is no exception, offering advanced filtration in a hybrid tankless design. The company’s 6-step filtration process is designed to remove any contaminants from the water supply, including solid particles and microorganisms. Combined with a hybrid tankless design, this is one of the best dispensers on the market for buyers who want to drink clean, healthy water.


  • Advanced 6-step purification process
  • Fast operation
  • Easy maintenance with relatively inexpensive replacement parts
  • Hybrid tankless design
  • Alkaline option available


  • Requires professional installation service
  • Limited aesthetic choices might make the device visually unappealing to some potential buyers

Livingcare Jewel Overview

Image credit: Livingcare

Livingcare is another well-known brand in this market, and its Jewel line enjoys a lot of popularity. Livingcare Jewel water dispensers are designed to be compact and unobtrusive. In addition, the company has created a filtration process that uses fewer steps but still achieves relatively good results. Unfortunately, Livingcare’s water dispensers are significantly more expensive than models with similar features on Cosmo’s side, making them unsuitable for buyers with a limited budget. 


  • Optimized filtration with a reduced number of steps
  • Greater variety of temperature settings
  • Good variety of color choices
  • Compact design


  • Expensive
  • Costs more in the long run due to expensive replacement parts

Which Is Better? 

Temperature Settings:

Cosmo Quantum offers four temperature settings (5-10°C, 30-45°C, 89-94°C, and 94-97°C). Livingcare Jewel, on the other hand, has seven modes – Room Temperature, Cold, and Hot. The Cold mode ranges between 7°C and 17°C, while the Hot mode goes from 40°C to 90°C.

The greater variety of temperature modes in the Livingcare Jewel might seem more attractive, but many users report that they mostly use two or three modes on their water dispensers.

Verdict: Livingcare Jewel.

Purification System:

Cosmo Quantum features a 6-step purification process, while Livingcare Jewel only has four steps. The smaller number of steps used in the Jewel series should not be taken as an indication of inferior performance, however.

Both devices utilize a different approach, and they both produce clean, safe water. Recent reviews seem to lean towards Cosmo Quantum to some extent, with many users claiming that the device produces better-tasting water in households with a more contaminated supply.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.

Image Credit: Cosmo

UV Sterilization:

Both devices come with integrated UV sterilization. Disinfecting water with UV light is one of the safest and most effective sterilization methods, guaranteed to kill 99.9% of microorganisms without leaving any residue in the water supply.

UV sterilization is most effective when combined with other filtration methods that remove suspended particles. This is handled correctly in both models, as water is only treated with UV light after it’s passed through the main filter.

Verdict: Tie.


Cosmo Quantum is stylish and solid, giving off a bit of a futuristic vibe. The comes in a limited variety of colors, as its designers were clearly trying to make a statement.

Livingcare Jewel, on the other hand, has a somewhat smaller profile and a cleaner, more streamlined design. This makes it ideal for minimalistic households and tight environments where every square inch matters. Multiple colors are available.

Verdict: Livingcare Jewel.

Image credit: Augustman

Alkaline Option:

A toggleable alkaline option is present in both devices. Alkaline water has a lower acidity than regular, unfiltered water (though this can vary in some households). This can improve health in the long run, although the exact benefits are still under active discussion.

Regardless of the specific effects, most users agree that they quickly get used to drinking alkaline water after trying it once.

Verdict: Tie.

Filter Change Indicator:

A filter change indicator alerts the user when it’s time to replace the integrated filter in both devices. Replacing the filter is easy in both cases and doesn’t require professional assistance. The main difference here is the cost.

Livingcare Jewel filters are about 50% more expensive on average, and they also need to be replaced more frequently. On average, users can expect to spend around $245 less over a period of three years for replacement parts with Cosmo Quantum compared to Livingcare Jewel.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.

Image credit: Cosmo

Delivery, Service & Free Trial:

Since both devices require professional installation, buyers will be happy to know that both companies offer a free delivery and installation service with every purchase.

Quantum comes out on top here with their turnaround time, as users report that they take 1-3 days on average to deliver and install their dispensers after the order has been placed.

Livingcare takes up to a week in some cases. One factor that might make the Livingcare Jewel slightly more attractive is its warranty – the company covers its users for three years as opposed to Quantum’s two.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.


Cosmo Quantum and Livingcare Jewel are both worth considering for anyone interested in getting a water dispenser for their home. The main choice between these two particular models mostly comes down to price and aesthetics. Cosmo Quantum offers equal performance at a significantly lower price without compromising anything.

Livingcare Jewel, on the other hand, comes with a more diverse choice of aesthetic options and is more suitable for homes with a minimalistic aesthetic. Those who don’t care about the higher price and want their dispenser to look as unassuming as possible should probably go with the Jewel. For everyone else, Quantum is a great choice.

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