Cosmo Quantum vs Xiaomi VIOMI 4L: Comparing Two Market Leaders

Cosmo Quantum and Xiaomi VIOMI 4L are two of the most popular water dispensers on the consumer market right now. Both devices are great at what they do, though they are aimed at slightly different user groups. Cosmo Quantum is perfect for users who insist on purifying their water supply. Xiaomi VIOMI 4L, on the other hand, is great for those who want a simple, convenient device that just gets the job done.

ModelCosmo QuantumXiaomi VIOMI 4L
Different temperature settings
UV sterilizationX
Tankless purifier interiorX
Filter change indicator
Purification system6 stepsNo filters used
Weight11.5 kg2.5 kg

Cosmo Quantum vs Xiaomi VIOMI 4L

Cosmo Quantum Overview

Image credit: Cosmo

Cosmo’s Quantum is a stylish, elegant water dispenser that packs a lot of purification power in a relatively small body. Cosmo has put a lot of effort into optimizing its 6-step filtration process, making this one of the most reliable models on the market for users who want to be sure that their water is as clean as possible. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the device comes with several temperature settings that should suit anyone’s needs.


  • 6-step purification process removes most contaminants from the water supply
  • Inexpensive long-term maintenance
  • Stylish, elegant design
  • Hybrid tankless design
  • Alkaline option


  • Must be installed by professionals
  • Requires filter replacement

Xiaomi VIOMI 4L Overview

Image credit: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has taken a more unusual approach with the VIOMI 4L compared to what’s popular on the market right now. The device comes with an integrated water tank and three temperature settings and is designed to be compact and unobtrusive. Some might claim that its design is a bit too simplistic and doesn’t stand out, but users who prefer a more minimalistic approach to their aesthetics should love the appearance of the VIOMI 4L. It’s important to note that this is not a water purifier and has no integrated filtration.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Light and compact
  • Sleek, minimalistic design
  • Large integrated tank
  • Easy installation


  • No purification
  • Can’t be connected to water supply, must be filled manually

Which Is Better? 

Temperature Settings:

While Cosmo Quantum comes with four temperature settings (5-10°C, 30-45°C, 89-94°C, and 94-97°C), Xiaomi’s VIOMI 4L only has three – room temperature, 50°C, and 100°C. Both devices can remember the last used setting as a “favorite”, and they match the intended temperature setting very closely, deviating by just 1-2°C in most cases.

Cosmo Quantum is a clear winner for users who prefer more customization, especially for those who want cold water and different temperature levels for their tea.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum. 

Image credit: Cosmo

Purification System:

Unfortunately, Xiaomi VIOMI 4L doesn’t offer any integrated purification, and relies on user-supplied purified water.

This can make the device an unappealing option to those concerned with the purity of their water supply, especially when combined with the integrated water tank. Care should be taken to ensure that water isn’t left in the device for too long.

Cosmo Quantum features a 6-step purification process that removes a large percentage of contaminants from water

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.

UV Sterilization:

Another area where Cosmo comes out on top, as VIOMI 4L does not feature any UV purification.

Cosmo Quantum uses UV sterilization as its final purification step, ensuring that any remaining microorganisms in the water are eliminated before it reaches the user’s glass.

While some users might see UV sterilization as excessive, many insist on having this feature in their water dispensers nowadays.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.

Alkaline Option:

Xiaomi’s model doesn’t offer an alkaline option either. Cosmo Quantum does have an alkaline feature, allowing users to enjoy water with reduced acidity.

This has been linked to various positive health effects, making the Quantum a better choice for users primarily concerned with their health.

The lack of an alkaline option might not be a critical shortcoming in the eyes of some users, but others will immediately be turned off from the VIOMI 4L because of this.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.

Filter Change Indicator:

With no filters to change, Xiaomi VIOMI 4L doesn’t need a filter change indicator either.

Cosmo Quantum will alert users when it’s time to change its filters, which can be convenient in large households with varying water consumption. Replacement filters are relatively inexpensive too, making the Quantum a great choice for budget-conscious households.

The replacement process is straightforward and doesn’t require any special skills.

Verdict: Cosmo Quantum.


Cosmo has clearly put a lot of thought into the design of Quantum, ensuring that no space is wasted. The device is compact and stylish, with intuitive controls and a design that can easily fit into most households.

Xiaomi VIOMI 4L is not far behind though, with a minimalistic design that focuses on the essentials and pushes everything else to the background. Both devices can look great in the right environment, and there are plenty of users out there who would instantly fall in love with Quantum and VIOMI 4L alike.

Verdict: Tie.

Image credit: Cosmo

Delivery and Service :

Cosmo Quantum is sold with a free delivery and installation service, and the company usually takes around three days to deliver the product.

Xiaomi’s VIOMI 4L doesn’t really require any special installation and the process can be easily handled by most users with standard household tools. Unlike Cosmo Quantum, Xiaomi VIOMI 4L doesn’t need to be connected to the home’s water supply.

Verdict: Xiaomi VIOMI 4L.

Image credit: Xiaomi


Cosmo Quantum and Xiaomi VIOMI 4L are both great devices that bring a lot to the table. Cosmo’s model is clearly aimed at users who insist on sanitizing their water, while VIOMI 4L is perfect for users on a budget and those who prefer convenience, ease of use, and low maintenance. The low price of VIOMI 4L can make it an attractive choice for households that can’t afford a premium water dispenser. Those who want a complete package with an integrated purification solution should consider Cosmo Quantum instead. 

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