What To Look Out For When Choosing a Water Dispenser

In Singapore’s water dispenser/purifier market there are many products from all over the world with different features. With more brands launching in Singapore, these are the recommended things to look out for before making a decision.

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1. Tank VS Tankless

There are two types of water dispensers. One with a tank and one that is tankless. Like the name suggests, it means that there is no water tank attached to the water dispenser. Instead, the water dispenser gets its source of the water directly from the water supply connected to the house. As such, by opting for the tankless water dispenser, there will be less space taken up. 

Tankless water dispensers also do not need scheduled maintenance as often as those with water tanks. This is mainly because of the bacteria and algae that tend to grow in water tanks when it is not cleaned regularly. Hence, extra maintenance work or costs may be incurred. 

With the COSMO Quantum being a tankless water dispenser, it is perfect for users that do not wish to schedule maintenance often and want to save cost. 

2. Convenience

The convenience of using the water dispenser is also an important factor to take a look at. Whether or not the water dispenser is bulky or small will make a big difference, especially when you want to move the water dispenser. In addition, the compact design will be important for those that are particular on house decoration. 

The design of the interface also matters. With too many buttons it can only cause confusion or frustration when in a rush. A simple and straight-forward interface will be convenient and also saves time, especially in fast-paced cities like Singapore. 

Scheduling for a technician to come down to your house for servicing may take some time. To prevent this, it is better to pick a water dispenser that gives you easy access to the filters for you to change it as and when needed. 

With a 6 – button interface, the COSMO Quantum is designed to be user friendly. In addition, the simple steps to replace the filter makes it an easy DIY filter replacement process. Be it at home or at the office, the sleek design of the COSMO Quantum also makes it suitable for different backgrounds

Image Credit: Cosmo

3. Looking Long-Term

Every brand advertises that you will be saving money through their water dispensers. So how do you pick the one that actually helps you save money for the long-term? The trick is not to look at the cost price but to look at the filter capacity life and filter price. Even with a cheaper dispenser price, if the filter capacity life is short, it may end up being more costly due to the need for frequent filter replacements. 

The COSMO Quantum is offered at a reasonable price and also has filter replacements that have as much filter capacity life and are more affordable than other brands. Click here for the comparison of the costs of changing filters.

4. Taste of Water

Lastly, do take note that taste of the water differs with different ph (Alkaline) levels. If you do not like the taste of alkaline water, COSMO has a non-alkaline filter that removes the unwanted taste. To test out the COSMO Quantum and the purified water, come down to our showroom @ 2 Kallang Pudding Rd, #02-04 Mactech Building, Singapore 349307.

Even after going through this checklist if you are still in thought, give the COSMO Quantum a try. With a 30 days trial (full-refund) scheme, the COSMO Quantum will promise you the “water” experience that you never had.

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