Complete Guide to Water Purifiers in Singapore

You might not know, but Singapore’s water standards are pretty high if we see it on a global scale. Yet, it’s important to be on the safer side by using a water purifier and putting all the possible safety measures in place.

You must be concerned about drinking good quality water. Whether the tap water is free from water-borne bacteria and toxins. Water purifiers address your concern and work towards presenting a viable solution. 

Here in this post, you’ll get the complete guide to buying a water purifier in Singapore. 

Why Do You Need A Water Purifier in Singapore?

Besides providing us germ-free and chemical-free water, water purifiers also eliminate contaminated substances from drinking water. 

Water makes up 70% of our body, so it’s an essential mineral to consume. Experts suggest at least 8 glasses of water a day. So, water purifiers in Singapore are a need of time. 

Since pollution is rising, there is no harm in investing in an extra layer of protection to your normal water. You may still need a water purifier no matter how clean your tap water is

Types of Water Purifiers

A water purifier comes in various types, designs, and sizes with different spaces. Users have a good range of choices to pick the right water purifier depending on the features and functionality. 

Generally, there are two types of water dispensers:

  1. Electric
  2. Non- Electric

Usually, water dispensers have inbuilt water purifiers in Singapore to provide users with clean water. Let’s discuss the types typically found in the market and are user-friendly.

Point of Use (POU) Devices

POU dispenser purifiers use a single point or faucet to provide water. Such water dispensers come in handy if you live in a building or have access to a water line in the house. They save you bucks (gallon-free) and energy.

Top Load Bottled

Top load bottle dispensers are the most common types that come with water purifiers. They use heavy plastic gallons to fit at the top part of the dispenser tank and are more popular and commonly purchased among all the dispensers.

Bottom Load Bottled

If you like the look of a tankless dispenser at home or your office space but want to invest in plastic gallon bottles, bottom-load bottled dispenser purifiers are for you. 

These water dispensers are uncommon but are good in functionality by using a water purifier. You don’t need to lift the heavy gallons at the top of the dispenser because the gallon sits at the base. 

Countertop Water Dispenser Purifiers

Cosmo counter top dispenser
Image Credit: Cosmo

Countertop water dispensers are perfect for your kitchen or workspace countertop. Because they are more compact and conveniently fit a limited space, they also give a classy look. 

You will have temperature control and need less maintenance whether you want the water purifier for residential or commercial purposes.

Now that you know the types, it’s time to help you make a wise buying decision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Water Purifiers

Buying a water purifier in Singapore is tough, with dozens of options. But what are the factors on which our purchase will be based?  

We will now focus on the parameters to consider when buying the water dispenser that does the job of a water purifier too. 


First, it’s important to understand your space requirements before adding a water dispenser to the room. 

If you have space restrictions at home or office and want to invest in advanced technology, the best option would be countertop dispensers. If you do have enough space. you can opt for floor-standing water dispensers.

Filtration System

The investment you are doing for your drinking water should return you the value for money. The water dispenser must have a water purifier with at least a 6 step filtration process that thoroughly goes through and filtrates the water.

6 way filtration system
Image Credit: Cosmo


We all love to invest in a product that offers a good value for money and is updated with newer features. Hence, most water purifiers that make lives easier are a top choice for most people.

There are various advanced features that you can look for before buying a water purifier in Singapore, for instance:

  • Child lock
  • Self sterilization with UV technology
  • LED water temperature display or touch panel 
  • Tankless

You can look for these features to avoid regrets.


The important factor when you buy something is mainly your budget. If something is too expensive, you may stick to lower quality. 

So, before you go out, do your research and navigate the options accordingly. Understand what you are paying for. The price varies as per the features, aesthetics, size, etc.

The easiest way is to compare and research products in the market and the functions of a water dispenser or water purifier

Design and Look

The design and feel of a product are what people usually pay for. The more the design is smart & elegant, the more likely it will catch the eye of the buyer, and more people will purchase it as a result of ‘love at first sight’. 

Besides, people now prefer buying home appliances that match their home interior, and luckily various colors are available when it comes to water dispensers cum purifiers. You can always go for a device that compliments the interior paint and feel of the room.

Image Credit: Ling Wei


Consider the capacity of your water dispenser according to your needs. Invest in your water dispenser according to the space where it has to be placed and the number of people using the water.  

What’s next when you have bought the water purifier? It’s the cleaning and how often you should be paying for the maintenance.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

When looking for a water purifier, you must keep its maintenance needs in mind. Maintenance is essential for appliances as it extends their lifespan. The cost of maintenance for every brand’s products differs.

The worth of a product also relies heavily on how little maintenance is required to keep the device in optimum condition. 

Most water purifiers require yearly maintenance from the company every year. If the business is not entertaining maintenance services on its own, you’ll have to hire a repairman yourself to change the water filters every other month.


As we conclude, we’d advise you to consider a water purifier in Singapore. Specifically, a water purifier with low maintenance and rich in features is what you’ll love. 

You’ll be able to reduce the amount of annual and monthly costs. Something that has automatic self-cleaning and sterilization is a plus point.

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