Cosmo Quantum vs Sterra S™ Water Dispenser Review [2022]

Singapore is home to various water dispensing and filtration systems. This write-up reviews two popular water dispensers: 

  • Cosmo Water Dispenser, and 
  • Sterra Water Dispenser 

While you can buy any water dispenser Singapore offers, looking at specific features a water dispenser has might give you the best user experience. Today, water dispensing systems come with appealing features, including disinfection, filtration, and UV sterilizations. What’s more, some systems dispense alkaline water! 

Sterra vs. Cosmo Water Dispenser Comparison:
Summary in a Table 

The table below shows the major highlights of each dispenser: 

DELIVERY1-3 Days2 Weeks

Both Sterra and Cosmo water dispensers have a range of unique features.

Cosmo is a well-established brand in Singapore. This Germany-made water dispenser has powerful features, making it a household name. Its powerful feature range includes: 

  • Ability to dispense cold to boiling water  
  • UV self-sterilization 
  • Has six filters 
  • Energy saving  
  • Touch screen  
  • Alkaline option  

This review compares the Cosmo Quantum water dispenser to the Korea-made Sterra S™ Tankless Water Purifier. Let’s breakdown their features and see how they compare. 


Image credit: Cosmo

The Sterra water dispenser has a 4-stage filtration system, which is made up of two parts: 

  • Pre Carbon Block Filter: this filter eliminates suspended solids, e.g., sand, rust, and dust. Also, it absorbs and removes the different organic compounds such as disinfectants and residual chlorine. 
  • UF and Post Carbon Block Filter: with 0.01 micropores, these filters eliminate pathogenic bacteria alongside harmful contaminants. Also, it absorbs any remaining carbon and gas; thus, removing odors and improving taste.  

On the other hand, Cosmo boasts of a 6-step Ultra-Precision Filter™. The arrangement and design of the filters allow them to filter out 99.9% of chemicals and impurities. Typically, such a fool-proof system only allows water to pass through. Ultra-Precision Filter™ has a size of 0.001 to 0.0001 microns. Such pores will eliminate even the smallest bacteria, viruses, and pollutants.   

Here are the filters (in order): Sediment filter, proprietary Ultra-Precision Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV Led Sterilization, Alkaline Filter, and Anti-Bacterial Filter. Each filter has a distinctive role in obliterating water’s impurities, chemicals, and odors.  


Image credit: Sterra

Both dispensers allow you to customize the temperature settings. The great advantage of this feature is that you get water at the temperature you want with a touch on the screen.  

The Cosmo water dispenser has a wide range, allowing you to get cold, warm, and hot options instantly. Typically, you can dispense water at 5 – 10° C (Cold),  30 – 45° C (Lukewarm), and 89 – 97° C (Hot).  

By contrast, Sterra S™ tankless water purifier dispenses at four different temperatures. You can dispense cold water (4°C), room temperature water (25° C), warm water (40° C), or hot water (87°C). 

If you want water at specific temperatures, then the Sterra water dispenser might be the right option. However, consider the Cosmo water dispenser if you need your water temperature to fall within a particular range.  


Image credit: Sterra

The Sterra and Cosmo water dispensers incorporate automated sterilization into their systems. Sterra sterilization system has UV-C LED to sterilize the nozzle only. To keep the internal flow path clean, Sterra uses an electric sterilizer module, which is absent in Cosmo.  

Contrastingly, Cosmo has 200 nm wavelength UV-C light that sterilizes water in the entire system. This UV-C light is similar to the UV-C light medical professionals use to sterilize hospital surfaces. Such sterilization ensures that 99.99% of your sterilized drinking water is free of microbes. 


Dispense as much or as little water as you want with either of these options. The specialized quantity controls in the Cosmo purifier dispense water in 180ml, 220ml, and 1000ml. On the other hand, Sterra’s automatic volume control automatically dispenses water in 120ml, 250ml, 550ml, or any volume. 


Image Credit: Ling Wei

Cosmo and Sterra have a modern design, both available in 2 colors, that definitely will fit into any home interior. Cosmo weighs 11.5 KG, while Sterra weighs a paltry 9.2 KG. However, the striking thing about Cosmo is its Twist &Turn Motion™ Design that lets you replace filters within three seconds! 

Sterra water purifier also offers a straightforward means of changing filters. While it is not a Twist and Turn design, you will twist and unscrew the filters.  


The above review reveals some differences between these tankless water dispensers. For instance, Cosmo has 6 filters, while Sterra has only 4.  While both can dispense hot, warm, and cold water, their set temperatures differ. Sterra offers their hottest water at 87°C, while Cosmo can go up to 97°C.  

Again, Sterra (9.2kg) is much lighter than Cosmo (11.5kg). 

What are other differences? 


Cosmo offers the option of choosing an alkaline water filter. You can use this feature to dispense alkaline water for additional health benefits, including supple skin, increased metabolism and better digestion. Typically, alkaline water is 1 pH higher than regular water. 

Sadly, this feature is absent in the Sterra water dispenser.  


For both Cosmo and Sterra, you may select your desired delivery date at checkout. The earliest Cosmo can deliver is next day while Sterra can deliver in 2 weeks or less.

Cosmo offers a  2-year warranty (worth up to $500) while Sterra 1-year warranty. However, with Sterra, you get an additional 3-year warranty for water leaks and touch screens. If you want to test out a water dispenser without committing to the full payment, you can get a 30 day free trial with Cosmo. You will get 100% money-back if you decide not to keep the product.


Undoubtedly, a water dispenser is essential for any household in Singapore. Not every water dispenser Singapore offers can solve your needs. That’s why we’ve only reviewed the top options – Sterra and Cosmo.  

They are very similar in their features. It would be a good idea to read the individual product reviews to see what Singaporeans think. If you would like a more affordable option with greater filtration capabilities, Cosmo is the way to go. But if you need a simple yet reliable dispenser, you may consider Sterra’s tankless model.

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