Cosmo Quantum vs Novita HydroCube Water Dispenser Review [2022]

The market for water dispensers in Singapore is quite crowded at the moment, and choosing the ideal model for your family can be tricky. This is usually a significant investment that requires careful evaluation. Cosmo and Novita are among the leading brands right now, and they both have some great offers. The Cosmo Quantum and Novita HydroCube W29 get recommended particularly often. Comparing these is a good starting point for your search. 



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Cosmo Quantum comes with four temperature settings: cold (5-10 °C), lukewarm (30-45 °C), hot (89-94 °C), and extra hot (94-97 °C). All options are directly accessible from the main menu. The Novita water dispenser is similar, with four settings with nearly identical ranges, plus the option to customize the temperature for each level.   


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UV sterilization is used in both models, ensuring your water is free of any unwanted microorganisms. The main difference here is that Novita recommends replacing your UV light every 360 days, while Cosmo’s light is rated for slightly longer usage (though pretty much all user reports indicate that you’ll have to replace your lamp after around 500 days at most). Additionally, replacing the light is somewhat trickier in the Novita HydroCube, making the Cosmo Quantum a better option for users who prefer easier maintenance. 


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Novita HydroCube has an integrated tank for storing water – 1.3 liters for hot water and 1.4 for cold. The Cosmo Quantum, on the other hand, uses a hybrid tankless design, purifying water immediately as it’s drawn into the machine. The additional purification provided by modern water dispensers is a main drawing factor for users concerned with their hygiene. Cosmo Quantum offers a clear advantage in this regard, avoiding any prolonged storage of water that can increase the risk of contamination.   


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And that brings us to what’s arguably the most important feature of a modern water dispenser – the purification system. In both cases, water is run through a filtration system using a combination of filters and UV lighting to eliminate all bacteria. The specific arrangement is quite different between the Cosmo Quantum and Novita HydroCube, as you can see in the table below: 

Cosmo QuantumNovita HydroCube
1. Sediment Filter 
2. Cosmo Ultra-Precision Filter™ 
3. Activated Carbon Filter 
4. UV LED Sterilization 
5. Alkaline Filter 
6. Anti-Bacterial Filter 
1. Pre-Sediment Sieve Filter  
2. Silver Carbon Fiber Block Filter 
3. Sediment Sieve 
4. Either HydroPure or HydroPlus Elements 
5. Electrostatic Composite Membrane 
6. Advanced UV Germicidal Lamp 

The most notable difference is how UV sterilization is applied. Cosmo Quantum applies a couple of additional filtration steps after water has passed through the UV LED sterilization stage, while the Novita water dispenser leaves that step for last. Professional opinions are somewhat divided between both approaches, but many agree that the arrangement used in the Cosmo Quantum improves the overall safety of the water it dispenses, especially combined with its hybrid tankless design. 


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Both devices will let you know when it’s time to change your filter, and both make it a relatively simple task. You don’t need any technical expertise in either case, and you can easily do this part of your device’s maintenance at home. Cosmo Quantum has a noticeable advantage here – its filter is rated for 3000 liters of water, which can last for about one full year for most households. On the other hand, the Novita HydroCube works through its filter about twice as fast, and you’ll need to replace it every 1800 liters. Considering the fact that Cosmo’s filters also cost half as much as Novita’s, this is not a small consideration for those looking for a budget-friendly option.


Standard safety features (like child lock) are available in both models, and work as you’d expect. Both models are activated manually, requiring you to use the touchscreen to start pouring water. The Cosmo Quantum stands out in terms of compactness and water flow speed. The model is slightly smaller than the Novita HydroCube and is more energy efficient, regardless of your usage habits. The re-boiling mode does tend to draw extra power, but it works so fast that you’ll rarely notice any difference. 

The designers of the Cosmo Quantum have put a bit more thought into its user interface as well. Navigation is simple, with no confusing submenus, whereas the Novita HydroCube takes some getting used to at first. Once you’ve figured out the basic interface though, both devices are more or less equally easy to use.  


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Buying a water dispenser in Singapore usually involves some waiting time. Cosmo tends to be slightly faster with their delivery, taking 1-3 days for the delivery and installation, while Novita usually needs 3-5 days. Installation is free for both, including having the machine hooked up to your water supply. 

The Cosmo Quantum comes with a 2-year warranty, as opposed to Novita’s 1-year period. Both companies offer adequate customer support. The fastest way to contact them is through WhatsApp, as there’s no live chat available.

Cosmo allows you to test the Quantum for 30 days with no strings attached, even going as far as to cover the process of collecting the device from you at the end of your trial period. 


In the end, both devices do a great job and don’t leave much to be desired. If you’re concerned with advanced sanitization and ease of maintenance, you’ll probably want to go with the Cosmo Quantum, especially if you also want to minimize your costs. For those who don’t mind a model which requires slightly more maintenance, the HydroCube can still be an adequate choice from a trusted Singaporean brand.

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