Cosmo Quantum vs Ruhens V Series Water Dispenser Review [2022]

It is necessary to have a water dispenser in your home, office, or your workplace in this era. Because of the recent pandemic, we know that health is the most precious asset mankind has. Various brands of water dispensers in Singapore are available. Keep in mind that all the health-related issues are directly related to our diet, while water is our primary intake for the whole day. Drinking unhealthy water for a long time may cause many complications.

The presence of a water dispenser makes everything more accessible since you can have healthy, clean, and contaminant-free water at a single tap! Water dispensers can provide both balmy and cold water simultaneously, but now the question is, how do you select the worthiest water dispenser? There are a variety of brands selling water dispensers in Singapore, which makes it challenging to choose. It is the reason, today we are here to give an unbiased review of two well-known water dispenser brands in Singapore. Let’s take an in-depth look into the Ruhens water dispenser and Cosmo water dispenser.

MODELQuantumV Series
DELIVERY1-3 Days5-7 Days

Things to Consider While Buying Water Dispensers in Singapore

  • Availability

See the available brands selling water dispensers, compare their customer reviews and portfolio before buying. Fast delivery and free installation are signs of stock availability.

  • Maintainability

Maintenance is one of the significant issues of water dispensers. Prices of filters and other replaceable items should be affordable.

  • Price

The prices of water dispensers should be pocket friendly and worthy according to the equipped features. 

  • Quality

The water should be mineral-rich and contaminants-free, quality regulatory authorities should approve the water dispenser to be safe for consumers. 

  • Features

In the modern age, features do matter! Features like child lock, touch display, alkaline, and UV filtration mean a lot. 

  • Reviews 

Positive reviews and customer retention should be your primary focus while buying water dispensers in Singapore. 

  • After-sales services 

The brand you are choosing should have after-sales services and a warranty claiming facility.



Image credit: Cosmo

UV sterilization is a process of killing harmful pathogens with the help of UV light; Cosmo Quantum has a built-in UV sterilization feature that Ruhens water dispenser lacks. Cosmo Quantum water dispenser is one of the few to provide UV sterilization among its competitors of water dispensers in Singapore.

According to experts, the wavelength of UV light kills the bacteria. It makes sure to eliminate the maximum amount of dangerous pathogens from the water so that the final drinking water is pure and safe.

Ruhens water dispensers use other techniques to purify water, but it lacks UV sterilization.



Image credit: Ruhens

Cosmo Quantum and Ruhens water dispensers have customized and adjustable temperature settings according to the consumer’s needs.

Cosmo Quantum has four temperature settings
You can set the temperature to your needs and the environment in your area.

  1. Frosty water: 5-10°C  
  2. Tepid water: 30-45°C  
  3. Hot water: 89-94°C  
  4. Steaming water: 94-97°C  

Ruhens V Series has five temperature options
Temperature can be set from cold to very hot.

  1. Chilled water: 4°C
  2. Mild water: 27°C
  3. Lukewarm water: 40°C
  4. Warmish water: 60°C
  5. Balmy water: 87°C


Cosmo Quantum has the feature of purifying water with alkaline, which boosts your immune system and provides you with a fresh and active feel.

Purified alkaline water provides greater hydration than regular water. Among the competitors of water dispensers in Singapore, Cosmo is one of the very few brands that offers alkaline water options in their products. Other manufactures also do provide alkaline water option but they are a bit on the expensive side.

Alkaline water has an enhanced pH level than normal drinking water. Because of this, it can neutralize the acid level in your body. Soft drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7, whereas alkaline water typically has an 8 or 9.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Antioxidants Properties
  • Healthier Teeth
  • Improves Bone Health
  • Improves Skin Complexion
  • Detoxifies body
  • Improves exercise efficiency
  • Improves Mood and Energy
  • Promotes healthy weight

On the other hand, Ruhens water dispenser does not have any alkaline purifying technology.


Image Credit: Cosmo

Cosmo Quantum follows six steps of filtration, which makes the water pathogen-free and extra safe to drink. 

Step 1: Sediment Filter

Get rid of heavy particulates, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and carbon contaminants. 

Step 2: Cosmo Ultra-Precision Filter™

Cosmo Ultra-Precision Filter is constructed from the finest quality and super-fine filter that is long-lasting and capable of eliminating 99.99% of impurities.

Step 3: Activated Carbon Filter

Carbon filter removes the carbon particles from the water and maximizes its pureness.

Step 4: UV Led Sterilization

The wavelength of UV light kills the maximum amount of harmful bacteria in water.

Step 5: Alkaline Filter

Alkaline filters optimize the PH level of water; they can neutralize the acidity in our body.

Step 6: Anti-Bacterial Filter

It prevents any foul smell and makes the water bacteria-free.

While Ruhens water dispenser has four steps of filtration

Step 1: Micro-Antioxidants

Antioxidant filters purify the water and eliminate the acidic nature of water.

Step 2: Carbon Filter

They absorb contaminants of carbon from the water. Carbon filters are used to remove unwanted sourness, odors, and radon.

 Step 3: NanoFACT Filter

NanoFact filter blocks the Nanoparticles from water which may cause kidney malfunctions. 

Step 4: Anti-Bacterial filter

Anti-bacterial filter enhances the performance of the water dispenser by stamping out the bad smell causing bacteria and fungi.


Image credit: Cosmo

Cosmo provides a 30 days money-back return to unsatisfied customers while Ruhens doesn’t offer any trial period or return policy.

Cosmo offers free delivery and installation within 1-3 days. They also give you a warranty of 2 years for their products. On the other side, Ruhens water dispenser provides free delivery and installation in 5-7 days with a warranty of 3 years.


Finally, Cosmo offers a competitive price, extra features, cheaper filters, low maintenance, and an attractive look. Ruhens water dispensers are more costly, with a less comprehensive filtration system but they offer a longer warranty and a wide range of color variety, including shades of pink.

Both the water dispensers offer distinguishing features, but Cosmo would be a great choice if you are looking for a value-for-money model. Cosmo Quantum brings value to the table by its world-class features and reasonable pricing.

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