Cosmo Quantum Vs 3M HCD-2 Water Dispenser Review [2022]

Are you sure the water you are drinking is 100% pure? Well, no one of us can be sure about what we are pouring into our bodies. That’s why we need the best quality, reliable, and efficient water dispenser!

Water is the basic necessity of life. We cannot go without water. But water quality matters a lot, and this is why we feel need for a dispenser. Water dispensers provide an instant supply of pure and clean water. This is why you can find water dispensers in homes, offices, and hotels. With dispensers, you can get a glass of hot/cold water instantly with just one touch!

Dispensers come in various shapes, designs and offer incredible features. Therefore, it has become difficult to pick the one, especially when you do not have enough information about the dispenser. Here we will compare Cosmo and 3M water dispensers to find the best, so continue to read!

DELIVERY1-3 Days1-2 Weeks
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Cosmo Water Dispenser VS 3M Water Dispenser

Choosing the right dispenser is a challenging job for many of us. But, not anymore! Here, we will review two of the best water dispensers, i.e., Como and 3m water dispensers. The comparison of both would let you make the right decision! 


Image credit: Cosmo

The tap water passes through different advanced levels of water purification before it is being dispensed. The filtration systems of both dispensers are efficient and work excellently.

The water filtration on the Cosmo Quantum dispenser gets complete in six steps. Users get 99.9% pure water free from microbes and chemicals. Each of the six filters has a specific role.

1. Sediment Filter

2. Cosmo Ultra-Precision Filter

3. Activated Carbon Filter

4. UV Led Sterilization

5. Alkaline Filter

6. Anti-Bacterial Filter

The first two filters remove all the particles present in water, including the dissolved organic and inorganic contaminants, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds. The other filters removes harmful chemicals and radioactive elements. The concentration of these chemicals is pretty high in Singapore.

Como Quantum created their own Cosmo Ultra-Precision Filter which works so accurately to filter out 100X better compared to other options available in the market.

The 3M water dispensers have three different filters.

1. Polypropylene Membrane

2. Carbon Filter

3. UV Lamp

With the help of these three layers of filters, the dispenser purifies the water while retaining all the health benefits of water. The filtered water tastes like any bottled mineral water, and you can use it to make tea or coffee.


The customized temperature setting is another incredible feature of these two dispensers. So, anyone can get warm, cold, lukewarm water as per their needs. 3M HCD-2 dispenser offers you three different temperature settings, i.e., 5-6°C, 20-25°C, 85-90°C.

While, the Cosmo Quantum dispenser lets you set the temperature at four different ranges, including 5-10°C, 30-45°C, 89-94°C, and 94-97°C. So, whether you want hot water or room temperature water, it’s pretty easy to get with this dispenser.

Everything has been rolled up in a dispenser, from having a kettle to the fridge. Therefore, a dispenser saves both energy and your time in waiting for water to boil!


Image credit: 3M

Both the dispensers are equipped with an in-built UV sterilization feature. So, this way, each molecule of water you get is disinfected completely. The added UV light kills all the microbes like bacteria and makes sure that you are getting safe, filtered water for your loved ones!


Image credit: Cosmo

If you search for a hybrid tankless water purifier, then a Cosmo water dispenser would be an excellent choice for you. The dispenser has an advanced tankless purification system that connects with the kitchen’s water supply. The absence of a tank reduces the production of microbes. The 3M dispenser does not have this feature.

A tankless water dispenser instantly provides hot/cold water as per your requirements. These dispensers do not have any tanks for water storage, thus reducing the chance of contamination. The best thing which makes a tankless dispenser favorable is its compact size. Moreover, tankless technology can reduce your electricity bill by up to 200%, making it a money-saver in the long run.


Alkaline water is very healthy for the body. As compared to normal water, it keeps the body hydrated longer. Even better, the water contains many antioxidants, keeps your teeth healthy, and detoxifies the body. Higher pH improves your mood and keeps you energetic. Both Cosmo and 3M offer you alkaline water options.

The major benefit of drinking alkaline water is that it increases the pH of the blood. A more acidic pH weakens the body systems. Due to acidic pH of blood, your body takes more minerals from bones and teeth. But, with alkaline water, your teeth and bones remain strong!


Image Credit: Qanvast

Cosmo quantum water dispenser comes with a filter change indicator, which lets you know it’s the right time to change the filter. The dispenser can filter up to 5000 liters of water. So, on average, you will have to change the filter after about 6 to 12 months.

You can also change the filter by yourself. Similarly, 3M HCD-2 dispenser requires a filter change every 6 months to maintain the optimal performance of the dispenser. But 3M does not have an indicator.


None of us want to wait for the water to boil in the kettle and chill in the fridge. So, how can we instantly get cold water to drink and hot water to make coffee? The answer is simple, invest in a water dispenser!

We have reviewed the best dispensers here to let you purchase the right product. Cosmo is a German-made dispenser with a more superior filtration technology and a more sleek look. 3M HCD-2 is from a very reputable brand so the machine may run better and be more durable. However, it lacks in design and has limited functions. Consider reading product reviews online from customers to find out more!


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