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“The best overall dispenser for most users in terms of health, functionality and value-for-money. It is equipped with the most advanced technology in the market, making it the best choice for health & convenience.”

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5/5 best reviewed water dispenser

“One of the best water dispensers that is in high demand around the globe, including Singapore. This dispenser is perfect for those who do not compromise on their water quality.”

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  1. I only drink bottled water and just switched to Cosmo Water Purifier recently. It’s really a money saver and space saver!! I chose the alkaline option which does not affect the taste of the water at all.

    Image #1 from Chen Wei Sheng
  2. I threw away my kettle and the jug used to store cold water in the refrigerator the moment I got our Cosmo water dispenser. Will rate the whole experience 5/5 stars!!

  3. Always getting the perfect temperature of water ever since I got cosmo water dispenser! It’s especially convenient as I have a baby at home. Will recommend all moms to get this as you are able to custom set the exact temperature you need!!

  4. Great service and color range, even better product! I didn’t know drinking water could be better, my kids all love it and learnt to use it within minutes!

  5. Finally found the right water dispenser for me, very simple and stylish yet very efficient. Works extremely well and its very value for money when you compare the functions with other dispensers in the market!

    Image #1 from Nicholle Chong
  6. 5 Starsfor Product Quality and 5 Start for Service. Thank you Mr Low for staying back to explain how to use the product properly to us after the installation, it was greatly appreciated.

  7. Convenient and user friendly! My wife learnt how to use the product in 1 hour (which is very fast in her sense alr hahaha).

  8. Bought it over a month ago its an amazing product with great design! Not sure if this has any effect but i noticed the quality of my skin has improved much better after switching to filtered alkaline water!

  9. Amazing product for such a slim dispenser! The touch user interface really gave it a different experience from the old boring buttons. I’ve been turning on the UV Sterilisation setting and its the only water my family and dog drinks now! Definitely buying another one for my parents.

  10. Now that I can control the temperature of my water I don’t have to reheat and throw out water like I did with my kettle. Enjoy the product, super user friendly!

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