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Best for Health & Functionality

“The best overall dispenser for most users in terms of health, functionality and value-for-money. It is equipped with the most advanced technology in the market, making it the best choice for health & convenience.”

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5/5 best reviewed water dispenser

“One of the best water dispensers that is in high demand around the globe, including Singapore. This dispenser is perfect for those who do not compromise on their water quality.”

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  1. Brenda Ng

    I think bc of overwhleming 11.11 orders, delivery was a bit slow. But nonetheless, the water dispenser itself is awesome and powerful. Cosmo was recommended to me by a friend, so when I saw they had sale, took the chance to buy. No complaints so far, working well

  2. Vivian Lew

    Received the delivery in 2 days, faster than expected. The installation technician was very informative and helpful. Thanks Cosmo for this water dispenser.

  3. Regina Tay

    Previously, I always forget to boil drinking water. Then would have to add ice just to cool down the boiled water. Now no more of these first-world problems! Whether cold hot or warm, can get on-demand.

  4. Kerina Chua

    Wish there was more colours, but white looks good! Functions perfectly and has been such a life-saver in saving me time.

  5. Lizzie Ding

    Smooth and sleek look, glad it goes well with my home style.

  6. Joy Lee

    I bought 2 of these. 1 for my own family and 1 for my parents. Very happy that my parents are happy with it and they keep telling me how cool the machine is. Simple enough for older people to use and advanced enough to thoroughly purify our water.

  7. Jeffrey Liu

    Best water dispenser at this price range. Don’t need to waste time searching for other brands already.

  8. Soke Yin Wong

    I did a lot of research because I don’t buy things often and I like to buy only things I’ll love. And after many many hours of research and after trying this for almost 2 weeks myself I think this is the NO BRAINER choice if you’re looking at any water dispenser below $2k, yours welcome

  9. Luqman Hakim

    Just bought another filter pack after finishing my old one. Delivery as speedy as always! Can rly say the water dispenser has helped me and my fam improve our health. Now I FINALLY have developed the good habit of drinking enough water throughout the day cuz the dispenser is so convenient haha!

  10. Nicholas Tay

    Price is really value for money…compared to other popular water dispenser brands that can charge $800 more. Quality of the machine itself is great.

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