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“The best overall dispenser for most users in terms of health, functionality and value-for-money. It is equipped with the most advanced technology in the market, making it the best choice for health & convenience.”

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5/5 best reviewed water dispenser

“One of the best water dispensers that is in high demand around the globe, including Singapore. This dispenser is perfect for those who do not compromise on their water quality.”

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  1. PH

    Was a overall very pleasant buying experience with this brand. Went down to their showroom and the lady staff was there to help me with my queries.

    Immediately bought it when I went home and it arrived in about a week or less. When the order arrived, they came earlier than expected and the staff who helped with the installation was efficient, knowledgeable and very friendly.
    As for the product, it is easy to use(although can seem daunting at first) and i can forsee that it will make my life so much easier. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I definitely will be telling my friends about it!

  2. DH

    I stay in the west so could not find the time to visit the showroom. Made use of their free trial instead to try the product form home! Rly enjoy this water dispenser so far and plan to keep it. The previous filter we used was the kind u attach on the sink tap and then we’ll boil the tap water. But always need to change the filter once it turns brown. Cosmo water dispenser seems to save more time, effort and MONEY in the long run.

  3. AW

    The water has no taste which is excellent. It is very convenient too use. The self cleaning feature is extremely useful. I feel it is very worth the price, but can always check their ongoing promos for more savings. Sits well into my new home :)

  4. CW

    I have a little 8 month old. Preparing milk use to take much longer cuz I had to slowly warm up the bottle to get it to a good temperature, usually by boiling water and then waiting for it to cool a bit. But now with the water dispenser, I can straightaway dispense warm temperature water, mix the powder together and feed.

  5. LK

    We received our water cooler and installation was a breeze – hot water, lukewarm, and cold water in 2 seconds. It does what it is supposed to plus gives my family added health benefits through the alkaline option. It has been great using this for 4 months already. So much so that a friend of mine who came over, asked me to send her the link so she could purchase one!

    Image #1 from Low Kai Xin
  6. MY

    do yourself a favor and buy this thing. works so well that there is literally no taste to the water at all, similarly to distilled water. customer service was very thorough and easy to work with.

  7. WS

    There are 3 of us in our household. Each of us has our own mug/bottle, and we each thought that it was someone else’s responsibility to fill the water tumbler in the kitchen….No longer! Now doesn’t matter if nobody boiled water or re-filled chilled water. Super convenient. I think Cosmo is probably one of the best brands available in sg. RECOMMEND!!

  8. LL

    Good product, great support. I love this! It has hot water ready to make tea, milo, noodles…. whatever and the cold water is COLD! And my guests are making great use of it.

  9. GS

    Works well so far.
    Using it in the lunchroom of a small company. It is extremely quiet and easy for everyone to use thanks to the simple LED icons and lights. I think every office should have a water dispenser. Cosmo does offer corporate prices if u enquire, so check it out, visit the showroom.
    You won’t be disappointed.

  10. KN

    Very happy with this dispenser and filter. There is a self-cleaning feature which keeps any bacteria from growing. Less maintenance fee too, as I saw other brands still need to add $200 for yearly maintenance or change of filter. Also a great that the hot water dispenser has a child lock so even if my baby were to climb onto a chair, he cannot burn himself.

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