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“The best overall dispenser for most users in terms of health, functionality and value-for-money. It is equipped with the most advanced technology in the market, making it the best choice for health & convenience.”

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5/5 best reviewed water dispenser

“One of the best water dispensers that is in high demand around the globe, including Singapore. This dispenser is perfect for those who do not compromise on their water quality.”

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  1. Very happy with this dispenser and filter. There is a self-cleaning feature which keeps any bacteria from growing. Less maintenance fee too, as I saw other brands still need to add $200 for yearly maintenance or change of filter. Also a great that the hot water dispenser has a child lock so even if my baby were to climb onto a chair, he cannot burn himself.

  2. My chosen install location did not have a water line feed anywhere near so it was a little bit more difficult, but technician was able to fix everything up fast and he paid attention to detail. Water tastes great and this is going to save the family many trips downstairs. 🙂

  3. I’m a very indecisive person, so took a long time of thinking before I purchased from Cosmo. No regrets, as their service is great and more importantly the water dispenser has all the features and benefits that I was looking for without a hefty price tag. Only issue was the hot water at first was dispensing a bit slow, but I got them to fix for me pretty quickly. Thnks

  4. Awesome product and service. Cosmo has a comprehensive 6 step filter, water comes out clean w/o any funny smell or taste. This is a game-changer for my home. I’m very happy w my purchase and wld recommend

  5. Fast delivery, this replace my kettle, water bottle and it reduce the number for me to boil water in a single day. The water flow is decent. Am confident in the quality too, that’s why I highly recommend to friends and family.

  6. Made the decision to get Cosmo after much research. The water dispenser comes with many great and practical features at a wonderful price. 10/10.

  7. Been using Cosmo Water Dispenser for slightly more than 6 months. Their after sales support is one of the best. Had a small issue with my machine and their staff was able to guide me through the phone on how to fix. They even offer to arrange for technician to come down on that day. Very knowledgable and patient staff. Appreciate this service.

  8. Went down to the showroom before buying. The staff there was patient and helpful in answering all my aunty questions. Whole process of buying was smooth and they arranged delivery date for me on the spot. Cosmo did a great jobs.

  9. Very happy I chose Cosmo. Did lots of Google-ing and seems like most brands are Korean made while Cosmo the only German designed. Very impressed with the whole water system and their technology. Now having cup noodle is a lot easier hahaha

  10. looks elegant and techy. already received compliments from some guests that the water dispenser makes my kitchen look better and cleaner. very no brainer to figure out how to use… very fast in heating the water… love it!!!!!

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